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Tailored to your wishes
and needs.

Swiss Family Business LLC was founded in 2008 based on a unique idea: providing hotel-style concierge services tailored to the special requirements of wealthy individuals and families. Our services pick up where banks, asset managers, and trusts leave off. We view high net worth individuals and families as an enterprise – and believe they must be managed accordingly. This key differentiator from family offices is reflected in our name: Swiss Family Business.

We offer an end-to-end portfolio management and consulting services, with a focus of managing the entire lifecycle of tangible asset and passion investments. We differentiate between family business services, family governance, succession planning and concierge services for short-term projects and tasks.

Because we work closely with a number of experts and specialist partners, we are a one-stop provider of all relevant professional services. Our guiding values are trust, vigilance, and respect.
Our mission is to relieve our clients of stress and hassle, and to enable them to truly enjoy their luxuries.


A stunning journey
from early on.

Founding Swiss Family Business by Manuela Fetscher

Platform idea to digitally transform the specific know-how and make it available to more customers

Discuss our businessplan and concept with Deloitte Zurich to create an ISIN/CUSIP like number to identify and trade tangible assets and bring them to the blockchain.

Spin-off of our digital wealth management platform concept by founding VALORchain AG.

Change corporate form to Swiss Family Business LLC

Getting involved in blockchain. Ethereum ignites to develop a stringent data model and prototype for a tangible asset management platform with smart contracts.

Various interviews with clients to test business case.


Real luxury is enjoying

Ownership should not be a pain – it should be a pleasure.
Wealth should not be a source of work – it should be a source of joy.
Affluence should not be a burden – it should be a blessing.

We ensure you can enjoy luxury to the full.
We create structure, transparency – and the feel-good factor.
We streamline, organize, and enhance.
We provide personal advice and assistance.

With passion, experience and expertise.
We’re independent, impartial, attentive, and exacting.
We give our all in pursuit of our overarching goal:

Safeguarding the true value of luxury: being able to enjoy it.
Real luxury is enjoying luxury.

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